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Teaching The Importance Of Honesty To Kids

Teaching The Importance Of Honesty To Kids Once there was a boy Dhriti in a town who loved winning more than anything. The boy used to win almost every game that he played. His peers and people who know him considered himself to be a champion. But in reality, the boy was a cheater. He knew all the tricks of the trade. No one could defeat him in any game. He used to win every time he played and auta używane podkarpackie thus he started losing his game partners gradually. The only one who used to play with him was the son of his driver whose name was Chintu.

Chintu was a little younger than Dhruti. Dhruti used to defeat Chintu in every game. Every time he humiliated the poor www.anonse.com boy and defeated him. It became an every day celebration for Dhriti and thus he became quite bored with that. Once there was a national video game competition that was announced and Dhriti took part in that. He was quite sure of his victory and thus was eager to see the faces of his competitors after the game.

When the game started, Dhriti found that the organizers had prevented all his tricks from working. Dhriti felt embarrassed because he was no doubt a good player, but without his tricks he couldn’t defeat even a single player. Ultimately the every time winner had to lose the game. When the name of the champion was announced, Dhriti found that the little boy Chintu won the national championship. Dhriti realized that the little boy Chintu was much clever than him; Chintu learnt from his defeat only.

Honesty is one of the most important virtues for kids to be taught in the initial years of life. Teaching the kids lessons on honesty is considered to be a part the developmental process of moral and emotional strength. It helps the kids to be morally and personally a stronger human being. It is said that kids learn most of their life skills from their parents only. Thus parents can play a vital role in teaching kids the importance of honesty in life.

There are some tips that can help the parents in this teaching-learning process. These tips are briefly discussed below:- • Don’t ever call the child a liar. This can create a feeling of defensiveness in child heart and the child may try to hide the inner feelings. let your child whatever is there in the child’s heart, so that if there is any negative feeling, you can easily rectify that • Try to find out why your little one is lying.

There may be an inherent fear in your child that is stopping the child from expressing the truth. Thus building a sound relation with the kids is very important in the developmental process • The best way to teach honesty is to be honest yourself.

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