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FAQs- What You Need To Know About Intellectual Property

Intellectual properties need protection. Intellectual property law protects those properties, especially since they don’t have a tangible (physical) form.

Intellectual property law, also referred to as IP, protects entities without a physical form against use without the owner’s explicit permission. The main point of IP laws is protecting these intangible properties from unauthorized use or reproduction by a third party.

It may be hard for a defending party to protect their intellectual properties without legal aid. In order to get representation for their case, they need to request help from a Los Angeles Intellectual Property Attorney.

What types of intellectual properties exist?

Four popular forms of intellectual property: trademarks, patents, copyrights and trade secrets.

Copyright refers to an exclusive right granted (for a limited time) to a copyright holder (the person who files). It grants them the right to reproduce, publicly distribute and publicly perform derivatives of their work. Current copyright laws require the copyrighted work to ‘be original and available in some type of tangible form.

Trademark laws allow producers to prevent other parties from using their logos and/or names in ways that may confuse consumers. Trademark laws generally apply to words and images used for products and services, in addition to their source (usually manufacturer). These rights last for a lifetime, as long as the associated words and images remain in use.

Patents protect inventors by giving them their exclusive right to manufacture and later sell their inventions for a limited period of time. They gain those rights in exchange for disclosing their inventions to the public. Patent protection is granted to inventions proved useful and not already in use.

Trade secrets encompass information withheld from the public by various businesses. These laws allow them to sue if that information is stolen or unlawfully used without their permission. In order to apply trade secret laws, the protected information must be unobtainable by the general public and have independent economic value threatened by the secret’s disclosure.

Who needs the help of an intellectual property lawyer?

Many people need the help of a Los Angeles Intellectual Property Lawyer. You may need the help of a Los Angeles Intellectual Property Attorney if you:

Work in a creative occupation or industry. Individuals who create new creative works, including designers, artists and writers, need an IP lawyer to protect any work they create for themselves. These laws generally don’t apply to works created for an employer, since the employer legally owns the rights if specified in a contract.

Work in a high-tech industry. Industry workers who create new tech need an IP lawyer to protect their right to distribute and/or share information about technology when moving from one workplace to another.

Own your own company. Employers need an IP lawyer to manage and protect any of their IPs if they receive IP work created by employees during the course of their employment.

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